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By the middle or end of a career in finance as investment banker, portfolio manager, quantitative analyst, financial planner, financial analyst, securities trader, economic analyst, or actuary, thinking of launching your own business enterprise in finance is quite in order. The same holds true for accountant careers such as financial accounting, governmental accounting, public accounting, cost accounting, forensic accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, and auditing. This is in effect an extremely profitable business area. If you’re about to launch your own business company or a freelance activity in this sector, starting your project with a professional logo design is a great decision. Izeelogo is a modern logo and graphic design website and platform designed to help liberals consultants and freelancers make their first steps in business, including in finance and accounting. Izeelogo offers new entrepreneurs with tight or limited budgets some of the best graphic design solutions that can be found over the network, thanks to an intuitive and super-fast online logo creator. Our free logo maker allows anyone, no matter their software or graphic design competence, to make a high quality yet cheap logo online easily by customizing pre designed logo templates in a couple of clicks. Unless you want, as a user, to take your time, the whole logo design operation over this logo generator takes only a couple of minutes! We have hundreds of original and trendy logo vectors made by professional graphic designers. These templates can be fully personalized in color, font, size, shape and position. All you need to do is choose your design, personalize it in a few clicks and then download your logo as fine HD and high resolution source files (PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS and SVG).

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Create a finance and accounting consulting firm logo design online now with Izeelogo, the free open access logo maker. This logo creator allows making a great logo design in 5 minutes. Take a look !
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How to Make the Perfect Finance / Accounting Logo With a Logo Creator ?

It’s noticeable that, when it comes to the finance, accounting and banking sector, the minimalist logo is by far the most popular. Accounting and tax consultants and bankers have an obvious preference for clean-cut, abstract logo design rooted in minimalism. Though we encourage you to be creative and experiment with different styles and logo templates, that’s a good first point of inspiration for you as you create your own logo online with a free logo maker. Indeed a minimalist logo can convey condensed ideas through a single, simple-looking figure. Another crucial thing is color choice. With reference to logo design, it’s essential to use the right colors. We suggest that you draw on colors that can make up an aesthetic logo but that are, at the same time, able to embody your brand identity as a financial, accounting or banking business. The colors you use should smoothly combine into an original logo that’s recognizable and memorable enough to grab your clients’ attention and stay in their memory. The best colors for finance and accounting logos are black, gray, blue and red. It’s also preferable not to use more than three colors in a single logo. Typeface is equally worth careful consideration as you create your logo. For a professional accounting and finance logo, we would advise that you use sans-serif and serif fonts, the most likely to appeal to the kind of public targeted by your sector of activity. An all-caps font can perfectly do, since it inspires strict professionalism and credibility. Following this advice, you should be able to design an awesome logo that would soon compete with the logos for great accounting & finance services firms like PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, McGladrey, Grant Thornton, CBIZ/Mayer Hoffman, McCann, BDO, Berkshire Hathaway, Conglomerate, ICBC, Banking, Allianz Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, and AXA.

Accounting & Finance Logo Design Ideas

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