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Business consulting companies belong to a category of business enterprise that greatly depends on their marketing and branding efforts. To be in position to offer its precious advice and recommendations, a consulting company needs to be known and recognizable. That’s a big challenge for any new consulting company, notwithstanding if it’s specialized in trading, finance, management, organization, marketing, digital communication, accounting, taxation or sustainable development. One way to take up the challenge properly is to have the right logo. That’s where a professional graphic design platform such as Izeelogo can come into play. Thanks to Izeelogo’s freely accessible, online logo maker, you can make your own, aesthetic and functional logo in a few minutes. Our logo creator can design custom logos for consulting enterprises in business direction, business exchange, financial business, tech business, accountant business, digital business, marketing business, green industry, and many more. Our consulting logo templates are unique, creative and trendy; they are created by skilled graphic artists with an innovative and original outlook on graphic design. Our logo bank includes hundreds of elegant, free and fully customizable logo vectors. You can customize colors, fonts, sizes and positions. Once you’re done editing, you can upload your logo immediately, in raster formats (JPG and PNG) and vector formats (PDF, EPS and SVG). You can use your logo on all types of digital, social and print media.

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Create a custom business consulting firm logo in minutes using Izeelogo, the online professional logo maker.
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All What You Need to Know to Create your Business Logo Design

Consulting firms often opt for a modern abstract minimalist logo design, so, though other styles can be fitting for consulting, it’d be in the right order of things if you too go for a minimalist model. The choice of colors is also important. Choose a color scheme that inspires values ​​like professionalism and sophistication. A black and white logo design, for instance, can perfectly do, though there’s no reason why you should not add a third color to the duo for an original design. Blue stands for intelligence, control and confidence. The color orange has to do with values like creativity, ambition and enthusiasm. Red represents energy, strength and power. We recommend that you use a maximum of 3 colors: two main colors and a third one for transition. The choice of font is equally important. Keep in mind that it’ll become an integral part of the personality of your logo and brand. We’d suggest that you work with a combination of sans serif and serif fonts for an attention grabbing result. You may want to use an all-caps font that inspires qualities such as authority, expertise and reliability. Whether you opt for a wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, combination mark, or an emblem logo design, it’s important to pay attention to those principles.

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