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Searching for political or legal logo ideas? Try Izeelogo, the free online logo creator. Use our logo templates to design an original logo for a law firm, a political party or an ecology action.

Logo Maker: Create a Political and Legal Logo Online

Planning to launch a political association, a political party or an electoral campaign? You just graduated from a law school, and hunting for some law firm logo ideas? Try Izeelogo, the online logo creator. Whether you’re an attorney, a notary, a bailiff or a political organisation, Izeelogo offers you the opportunity to make your own logo. Using Izeelogo, you can design a custom logo for any political or legal activity from templates created by professional graphic designers. Our logo creator allows an easy and fast logo design process. It’s an intuitive graphic design tool that creates quality logos in minutes, just by clicking. We have a gallery full of unique logo templates for everyone. No matter your exact activity, you’ll not browse for long in our catalogue to find your perfect logo design. Just pick your best political or legal vector and customise it. You can change anything in a chosen logo, from colour, to typography, to size and positioning. When you’re done editing, download your logo source files in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS formats, ideal for use online as well as printed materials. You can use them for any website or platform and print them on any support with no resizing issues or loss of resolution.

Political and Legal Logo Design Creator | Izeelogo

Make a justice, law or a political logo with Izeelogo, the online logo maker. Create your own logo for a law firm, a justice or a political party.
Brand identity mockup design: political logo design to share on web and printed supports.

How to Make the Ideal Political or Legal Logo Design?

First of all, think about style: would you like a classic, symbolic, abstract or minimalist logo design? Your choice of style should fit your political or legal ideas. Typically, a political organisation or party opt for a classical or symbolic logo. Democrats or liberals may rather prefer an abstract or a minimalist logo. Next, choose a type of logo: do you want a logotype, a typographic, a mascot, an emblem, a pictogram or a combination? When you sit to design your logo, mind, in particular, icon, colour and typography. Use an icon that corresponds to your ideals as a law firm or a political organisation. The icons often used in legal logos are the Scales of Justice, the gravel, the Book of Law, the Tablets of the Law, and the Scrolls of Law. Political parties and associations often use emblems, wordmark logos, letterforms and lettermark logos. Also, make sure to use suitable colours. In law and justice logos, gold, black, grey and dark blue are the favourite colours. For political logos, colour use depends on ‘political family.’ In America, the Republican Party’s colour is red, while the Democratic Party’s is blue. Both liberals and communists use red as their representative colour while ecologists generally use green. Finally, pay attention to typography. Your fonts should be legible, and your typeface should match your ideas as a legal or political organisation.

Legal and Political Logo Design Catalogue

Make a sublime logo right now! Explore our political and legal logo gallery: find inspiration, pick your best vector and let your logo ideas become a real logo!

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Make a sublime political and justice logo today. Visual identity is essential. Design an elegant political or legal logo via Izeelogo, the online logo creator. Try it for free!

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