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Want to make a school or academy logo ? Try our free online logo maker. It can create the ideal custom logo for any school, university, institute, or training center anywhere in the world, in a few minutes !

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Create your own educational logo in a couple of clicks, with Izeelogo – the free online logo maker. We have great ready-made, professionally designed logo templates for all types of education and training institutions, public as well as private. Using our logo maker, you can create a boarding school logo, a charter school logo, a language immersion school logo, magnet school logo, Montessori school logo, parochial school logo, private special education school logo, Reggio Emilia style school logo, religious school logo, traditional private school logo, traditional public school logo, virtual or online school logo and Waldorf school logo. The logo design creator on this website can generate sublime logos for early childhood education (preschool), primary school (elementary school), middle school, secondary school (high school), postsecondary education (tertiary / higher education), that are convenient for any kind of academic institution, college, institute, training center, school or library. The Izeelogo logo generator is an intuitive, ultra-modern and super-fast sort of logo design tool. It makes professional graphic design affordable for everyone. ANYONE using it can create an aesthetic and effective logo in just a few clicks, using logo templates made by qualified graphic designers. The logo design process is easy and takes only a couple of minutes, unless you, as a user, would like to spend more time on it. All you need is to take a tour of our education logo vector gallery (hereafter), pick your best model, set your creative imagination free and start designing. A few clicks are enough to generate a genial custom educational logo suitable for any school or course, including Art, Information Technology, Medical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business Administration and Sales, Architecture, Clinical Psychology, Law, Languages, Human Sciences, Music and many more. Once you’re done editing, you’ll be able to download your logo right away in HD PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG and EPS document files suitable for use on the net and for printing. Try it out and see! It’s free, fast & fun !

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Create a school, academy, university, training center or preschool logo for free with Izeelogo, the education logo maker. Design a custom educational logo in just 5 minutes with a modern logo creator !
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School / Training Logo Design : How to Make a Perfect Education Logo Online ?

Using Izeelogo, you should be able to create a logo that’s ideal for your school or academy in a few minutes. Whether for preschool, a primary school, a secondary school, higher education, or any other teaching é learning business, the logo design process is easy and fast. All you’ll need to do is pick a logo vector and customize it into a personal logo fit for your school, Institute or training center. However, just to make sure you get the perfect logo, we’d like to make a few suggestions and walk you through this design experience. To make a perfect school logo, the first thing to do is make your mind on a style: would you like a classic, abstract, symbolist or minimalist logo ? Secondly, think about the type of logo design you want to create: is it wordmark, lettermark, letterform, pictorial, emblem, abstract, mascot, or combination? The actual trends in school, academy & training logo design are symbolic, abstract & minimalist, often regarded as modern and expressive. Next, pick an icon. If you opt for a pictorial or image logo, you can use a classic education symbol such as Book, light bulb, kindle, rising sun, lotus, Mandala, Saraswati, stalk of wheat, Tyet (knot of Isis), or Ibis of Thoth (Ibis bird). However, you may prefer to be original and use an icon of your personal choice. Another thing to consider with care is color. Colors can convey different moods and ideas. Many schools, universities and libraries opt for red, a color associated with erudition and wisdom. Blue is equally popular. It’s regarded as a “calming colour that helps to stimulate the brain.” Many other education logos utilize gold, to suggest ideas like supremacy, prestige and immortality associated with both knowledge and the precious metal. Last but not least, it’s important to pay attention to typography, if you’re using text. Font styles have different connotations and epitomize different philosophies. It’s essential to use a typeface that best matches your insights as an education institution. Serif fonts, with their formal tone and evocation of tradition and sophistication, can work in the case of an education logo. However, you may need a different typography if you have other values.

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Make an original school logo. Izeelogo has an outstanding collection of sublime logo vectors which can kindle your creative genius. Have a look, pick your best template & make it your school’s logo!

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Have a look at other logo ideas in our Training & Education category: we have rare specimens of health logo templates, from simple to vintage. There are preschool logos, secondary school logos, high school logos, academy logos, training logos, higher education / university logos. We’ve got these and many more - in all styles. Take a tour !