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A puma logo is a great choice for a number of reasons. The puma, also known as cougar, mountain lion, and panther, is one of the most inspirational animals and wild cats. It’s a gorgeous, athletic-looking big cat and a potent symbol and allegory. The puma stands for a whole range of lofty ideas and values, including beauty, protection, dexterity, secrecy, wealth and adaptability. Besides, it’s at the heart of the mythology of several peoples, mainly native American cultures in Argentina and Canada. For example, for the Seminole and the Shawnee peoples, a puma is a medicine animal which brings good luck at hunting. Using Izeelogo’s logo generator, you can design an awesome puma logo easily, based on templates made by professional graphic designers. To create a puma logo, all you need is to pick a puma template, customize it in some clicks then download it. We have a breath-taking collection of puma logos. We offer scalable HD PNG, SVG, JPG, and PDF logo source files. They’re ideal for your websites, social media profiles and gamer servers. They’re also perfect for printing on your business cards, posters, flayers, T-shirts, hats, facemasks, and any other material, with excellent printing results and no resizing or resolution issues whatsoever.

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Make a puma logo with Izeelogo, the free online logo maker. Design your puma logo design in some clicks! Try it, it's Free!
Puma logo mockup design: create your brand identity with Izeelogo, the online logo maker.

Tips & Guidelines: How to Make the Ideal Puma Logo

Creating your puma logo is very easy – it takes 3 simple steps: 1) choose your logo template, 2) customize it, and 3) save and download it. If you want graphic design advice, here’s some for you. The first thing is to decide on a style (e.g. simple, abstract, minimalist, geometric, pixel art, line art, cartoon, neon, or shield logo). Next select your template and edit it. When editing your logo, take special care of your choice of icon, color palette and typography. Choose a puma icon that corresponds to the brand image you want to create. For instance, in the case of a gamer logo, a ravening, fierce-looking puma icon may be best. By contrast, a cute cartoon puma cub may fit an activity or industry to do with kids and children. Likewise, a serene puma motif may be preferable in the case of formal activities such as the textile industry, animal rights action, and ecology. It’s also important to use suitable colors. Puma logos are often black, white, black & white, black & orange, gold, and silver, but you can opt for a different color palette. Any harmonious color palette that can convey your message will do. Use 1 to 3 colors max, however, for your logo to be easy to recognize and memorize. If you’re using typography, make sure you choose a font style that fits the visual identity you’re after.

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