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Looking for animal logo design inspiration & ideas for your pet business, pet store or animal organization? Try Izeelogo, the ultimate online logo maker. Create a free animal logo design in 5 minutes !

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Whether you’re a Veterinary / Pet Doctor, an animal shelter / protection association, an animal farm, a pet supplies enterprise, a pet store, an animal food business or represent any business or organization to do with animals and pets, Izeelogo, can help you create an awesome custom animal logo design for your brand instantly and easily. The logo creator on this website is really powerful; it belongs to the latest generation online logo and graphic design software technology. Indeed Izeelogo is an ultra-modern, super-fast yet cheap and easy-to-use logo design app. Besides, it’s free and open to all, without registration. Our logo generator allows you to create your own animal logo from sublime - professionally designed, unique, original, creative and trendy - logo templates, all in just a few minutes and through a couple of clicks. As a user, all you need to do is pick the animal logo vector that takes your fancy from the dozens of stock logos in our animal and pet logo category collection, customize your logo as you think fit, and download the source files of your logo on the spot. The whole logo design operation takes no more than a few minutes, unless you want to spend more time editing your logo. You can create your logo all on your own, or use our brief guide to perfect online logo design below. You also can hire a professional graphic designer, using our customer assistance service, if you want. No matter what your exact industry is, it’s always an asset to have an animal or a pet as a logo. Animals make a positive emotional impact on us and animal symbolism is some of the most powerful. To make a stylish logo featuring a horse, cat, lion, dauphin, shark, chicken, cock, panda, or koala is a great idea. In marketing terms, it’s a smart way to jumpstart an animal business or non-profit organization to do with pets or wild animals. So why wait! Go for it! Make an animal logo today !

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Create a cute custom animal /pet logo design in a few clicks with Izeelogo, the modern online logo maker app. Make a great logo now! It’s free, professional, super-fast and really fun! Take a look !
Animal logo & mockup design. Build a strong visual brand identity with Izeelogo, graphic design App.

How to Make a Perfect Animal Logo Design? Some Ideas & Guidelines

Who doesn’t love animals! We all adore our cute, lovely pets, and wild animals too. That’s why using an animal as a logo is an excellent strategic move from a marketing and branding standpoint. Now when it comes to creating an animal logo with a free online logo maker, the user needs to pay attention to some facts. First of all, fix the exact message you’d like your logo to convey. Next, select the animal that best corresponds to that message. For example, an eagle stands for nobility, strength, grace and prestige. A bee, on the other hand, is a symbol of organization, perseverance, harmony, teamwork and perfection. Likewise, a cat epitomizes intelligence, curiosity, liveliness, alertness, flexibility, adaptability & magic. A dog, however, stands for friendship, guidance, protection, fidelity, loyalty, generosity, and genuine, unconditioned love. Similarly, an elephant epitomizes strength, wisdom, thoughtfulness, memory, emotionality and intelligence. A lion evokes majesty, strength and power; a puma embodies energy, wisdom, intelligence and patience; a bear represents strength and wisdom; while a panda inspires strength combined with kindness and love of peace. In short, all the animal species that inhabit our planet can embody important spiritual, intellectual and material ideas. The other important things are the style, the colors and the fonts of your logo. Our logo creator allows the creation of logos in many different styles, including classical, minimalist, abstract, drawing, mascot, and eclectic logo design. About color, we’d suggest use of natural colors in accordance with the animal you’re using as a logo mark. That can be pink or brown if your logo features a rabbit; orange & black if it’s a tiger, green & black if it’s an alligator; blue & white if it’s a dolphin, and so on. Coming to fonts, we’d recommend the use of cheerful fonts, appreciated both for their readability and beauty. Why not try rounded and puffy letterings such as in bubble styles. That’s it on the whole! That can be quite enough for ANYONE to make a animal or pet logo design worth the logos for companies like Evernote (green elephant), Twitter (blue bird), Puma (black puma), Jaguar (metallic gray, silver & black jaguar), Firefox (red panda), WWF (black and white panda), Crocs (black & white crocodile), Swarovski (black & gray swan), Polo (black), Red Bull (red & yellow bulls).

Animal Logo Design Ideas

Create a lovely animal logo now, in just a few clicks. Look through Izeelogo’s stunning collection of animal logo design for inspiration, pick your best vector & make a stunning custom logo out of it.

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Why wait! Make a super-cute animal logo today. With Izeelogo, you’ll be the graphic designer. Try this modern professional logo creator. It’s simple, fast & easy-to-use. Make your logo in 5 minutes !

Animal & Pet Logo Templates

Take a tour of other free logo ideas to do with animals & pets, including logo vectors for pet-sitting & dog grooming services (animal trainer, dog trainer, dog-sitter, cat-sitter & pet-sitter), animal welfare, animal supplies sales site, animal food & accessories store, animal rights and protection associations and much more.