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A Cat stands for curiosity, protection, magic, and elegance. Cats started to live with us some 10000 years ago which is telling on how important they are for us. The ancient Egyptians revered the cat which they saw as a magical being that brings good luck. The Greeks linked cats to Artemis, a Greek version of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. In Irish and Scottish folklore, a big fairy black cat called Sith, that had a white spot on his chest, is depicted as a witch shape-shifter. In Norse mythology, Freya, a goddess of love, fertility and good luck rode a chariot pulled by cats. Likewise, in Hindu mythology, Shashthi, a goddess of fertility and a benefactor of children, rides a cat. Endless myths and fairy tales from all over the world have a cat for a central figure or a hero. This makes it clear that having a cat as a logo is a great idea. Thanks to Izeelogo, the online logo maker you can create your cat logo easily in just a few clicks. To make a logo, have a look at our logo gallery, pick a cat logo template, personalise in a few clicks, and then download it. We offer high quality, HD PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS logo source files at economic prices. They’re ideal for use on websites, social media platforms and gaming servers, as well for printing on any material, with perfect print results.

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Make a cool cat logo with Izeelogo, the free online logo maker. Design a bobcat logo, wildcat logo, back cat logo, gamer cat logo … in a few clicks!
Cat mockup logo. Build your brand identity with Izeelogo, the online logo maker.

How to Make a Perfect Cat Logo Design

Creating a cat logo with Izeelogo is both easy and fun. Making your logo requires 3 simple steps: 1) choose your logo template, 2) customise it, 3) save and download it. Here are some graphic design tips, to just make things absolutely perfect. Take care of three elements in particular when editing your logo: icon, colour and typography (font style). Pick a suitable cat icon. For an esports logo, you may want to pick one of our wild looking cat, wildcat, or bobcat heads. If your logo is meant for an activity to do with kids such as a nursery or a toy store, a cute, congenial cat icon could be your best option. If you want a logo for a formal activity such as an animal rights organisation, ecology action, or a pet doctor, a serious cat icon, or a cat silhouette template, may be best. Also, make sure you use an appropriate colour palette. Black, white, orange, red, blue are the commonest colours in cat logos, but you can of course use colours of your own choice. Any assorted colour palette that can convey the ideas and emotions you want your logo to stand for can do. Don’t- use too many colours though: 1 to 3 colours will largely do, and will give your logo the best chances to be spotted and memorised. Finally, if you’re using text, select a font style that matches the visual identity you’re after and make sure it stays legible in all circumstances.

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