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Use Izeelogo, our modern and fast logo generator, to make a unique Minecraft logo. Our online logo design app gives access to a multitude of HD and high-resolution Minecraft logo templates. In a couple of clicks you can turn your design into a unique custom Minecraft logo. You can then download your design in your preferred source file formats, so you can share it on any communication material. You can also use it on all platforms, applications and channels. You can use it as your online business logo, for a gaming band logo, a profile picture and on many other platforms. Our Minecraft logo designs are inspired by a variety of Minecraft mods, characters, situations and elements of the new and the old versions of the Minecraft planet. They include Minecraft village logo, Minecraft diamond logo, Minecraft heart logo, Minecraft zombie logo, Minecraft panda logo, Minecraft dragon logo, Minecraft cake logo, Minecraft sword and shield logo and other models. You can easily customise the Minecraft vector templates by changing skin and adding special effects and features: you can make an epic Minecraft logo within seconds.

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With Izeelogo, the online Minecraft logo generator, you can make a super cool Minecraft pixel art logo of whatever skin and mod in 5 minutes.
Branding Mockup design: Minecraft pixel art gaming logo design.

How to Add a Custom Logo or Icon to a Minecraft Server?

When you’re satisfied with your Minecraft logo design, save your project, and download its source files in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG or EPS document formats. You’ll find your Minecraft logo image file, with the agreed dimensions, among the source files. Thus, you’ll be able to customise your Minecraft server profile appearance. Here’s how to change the Minecraft server logo. The size of your logo has to be 64x64 pixels. Rename your logo file "server-icon.png". Use PNG logo format. Now here’s how to add your Minecraft logo as a profile picture. Log in to the Minecraft management panel. Click "Files & FTP" then go to the Minecraft directory and upload the Minecraft logo file named “server-icon.png”. Once it's done, restart your server. That’s it! Your brand-new Minecraft logo is now visible to your community. And good news if you’re a YouTuber your Minecraft logo is delivered with a complete social media kit, including a Minecraft YouTubers logo version.

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