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Planning to launch a business in travel & tourism ? Welcome to Izeelogo, the logo design website. Thanks to our free online logo creator, you’ll be able to create your own travel logo in a few minutes. Creating a logo with our logo maker is easy and pure fun. It’s a modern and intuitive logo-making app which can create all types of custom logos from predesigned templates. Our original and creative logo ideas and our beautiful vectors will set your imagination flying. We have a whole catalog of cute and rare logo models that’ll kindle your inspiration. Our logo vectors have been designed by professional graphic designers. To design a stunning travel or tourism logo, all you’ll need is to take a tour of our logo vector gallery, pick the logo model that takes your fancy, turn it into a custom travel logo in a couple of clicks, and download it right away. You can change any aspect of your logo, including style, icon, typeface, color, shape, positioning and orientation. The logo design process with this application is super-fast – unless you want to take your time on it, it only takes a few minutes. The quality of our logos is high. We provide fine, HD logo source files in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG and EPS document formats, suitable for printing and use online.

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Create a travel, tourism & hospitality logo with a free online logo creator. Make a sublime travel agency, hotel or BB logo design easily, in a couple of minutes, with Izeelogo, custom logo generator.
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How to Create a Perfect Travel Logo Online ? Some Guidelines

Here’s a set of suggestions that can help you create the ideal travel logo. First of all, pick up a suitable icon. It can be an oasis, an airplane, a bus, a globe or a hotel or a mere alphabet letter for example. You may also use a symbol of your own personal choice, if you want to be creative. Another crucial thing to consider is color. Colors have symbolic significance. Just like for icons, it’s important to use the right colors in your logo design. Your color palette option should be fitting for the type of tourism or travel services your agency or company provides (environmental tourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism, adventure tourism, health tourism…). Most travel logos draw on bright colours such as yellow, red, green and blue. Besides their ability to make a brand recognizable and memorable, such colors can inspire positive feelings such as joy and happiness. Last but not least, pay attention to typography, if you intend to include some. Like colors, typeface styles and fonts have different connotations. It’s therefore essential to choose a font that can aptly reflect your insights as a travel or tourism enterprise. What might work best for the tourism and travel industry are fonts like Futura PT or Museo Sans. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of successful tourism logos that use other fonts, including Droid Sans, Gill Sans, Playfair Display, Helvetica Neue and others, depending on the kind of travel services proposed and brand identity.

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Take a look at our logo templates and vectors, pick up your best and make your own custom travel / tourism logo.

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