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A snake logo is one of the best ideas that can be thought of. Especially regarding the medical & pharmaceutical industry but also the car business, clothing, gaming, ecology and many more. What makes the snake motif such an excellent logo idea is its great symbolic and mythological significance. Because snakes shed their skin, the snake symbolises rebirth, healing and immortality. Together with the Firebird, the snake is a prime symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. And, from the Ouroboros and Medusa in Egyptian and Greek mythologies to the Edenic Serpent, the snake is an allusion to a multitude of pagan and Christian myths and legends. Using Izeelogo, the fast and easy-to-use logo creator, you’ll create just the right snake logo for any brand or business. Thanks to this intuitive and super-fast logo maker, and a stunning catalogue of latest trend logo models, you can design your own snake logo, exactly as you want it, just by clicking. To create a logo, just choose a template, make it personal in some clicks, and download it. We provide great value source files in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, & EPS formats, ideal for use online and for printing. What’s more, we offer them at small, unbeatable prices.

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Create an original snake logo online with Izeelogo, a free logo creator. Make your own snake logo, cobra logo … now! Have fun & design an awesome logo!
Snake logo mockup design: build a brand identity with Izeelogo, the online logo maker.

How to Create a Good Snake Logo with our Logo Generator

Making a logo with Izeelogo is both easy and fun. To create your snake logo, take a tour of our catalogue, pick a template, edit it, save it, and download it. Here are some tips to follow to get a perfect result. First, think of a style. Decide whether you want a simple, abstract, minimal, shield, neon, cartoon or vintage logo for example. The next thing is to pick a suitable template. For a pharmacy, a medical business, a medical analysis laboratory, a wildlife protection organisation, an animal rights association, or any eco-friendly enterprise a serious, realistic snake icon can be the most fitting. If a gamer logo is what you’re after, rather go for an evil snake logo design. It’s equally important to use a suitable colour palette. Green, blue and black & white are the usual colours used in snake logos. But if you want to choose a different palette. Why not go for a golden, silver, pink or multicolor snake if that can convey the emotions you want your logo to embody. Limit your palette to 1 to 3 colours though to optimise your logo’s chances to be remembered. If you intend to use some typography, remember that the different fonts have meaning. Use a font that agrees with the brand image you want to create and remains legible on all communication media.

Snake Logo Ideas and inspiration

Have a tour of our snake logo gallery for inspiration. Pick the vector template that takes your fancy & turn it into the snake logo of your dreams!

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