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Projecting to create a religious group, a Church, a Christian School, a Mosque, a Synagogue or a Temple? Searching for some religious or spiritual logo ideas? Welcome to Izeelogo, the online logo design platform. Thanks to our free online logo maker, you can create your own religious or spiritual logo easily, in a few minutes. Designing a logo with our logo maker is very easy. It's a modern and intuitive logo-making tool which allows anyone to create any type of logo from templates made by professional graphic designers. Our logo vectors are creative, original and beautiful. We have a whole catalog of logos that’ll kindle your inspiration. To design a logo, all you’ll need is to take a tour of our logo gallery, pick up the template that takes your fancy and turn it into a custom religious / spiritual logo in a couple of clicks. You can change any aspect of a logo, including style, icon, typeface, color, shape, positioning and orientation. Our logo creator is user-friendly and fast – unless you want to take your time, the design process takes only a few minutes. The quality of our logos is high. We provide fine, HD source files in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG and EPS formats. They’re suitable for printing as well as use online, and they cause no resizing or resolution issues.

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Create a logo for a Mosque, a Church, a Synagogue, a Buddhist Shrine, or a free religious group with a free logo creator. Make a true religious or spiritual logo easily, with Izeelogo - the online logo generator.
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How to Create a Perfect Religious Logo ?

Here are some guidelines to help you make the ideal religious / spiritual logo. First pick an icon which matches your religious institution or spiritual enterprise. The list of religious icons is long: it ranges from common symbols such as Cross, Bible, Angle, Dove, Crescent, Star, Menorah, David’s Star, Buddha and Lotus flower to all sorts of more specific figures. For Christianity, you can use an Armenian Cross, a Budded Cross, a Byzantine Cross, a Canterbury Cross, a Celtic Cross, or a Latin Cross, for instance, depending on your Church and insights. Ditto for Islam: if you want a typical Sunni logo, then why not use a Crescent and / or a star, or a Quran, the Muslim Holy book. For Shiite Islam, the Lion, the Sun and Fatima’s hand are the usual symbology. But you may use a religious symbol of your personal choice. Another thing to consider is color. As for icons, it’s important to use the right colors. Your color palette should symbolize your creed. For example, red stands for Christianity, green for Islam and turquoise blue for Judaism. Blue, black, white, red, green and yellow are all involved in Buddhism. Finally, use appropriate typography if you’re including some. Like colors, typeface and font styles are meaningful. Choose a font that can reflect your religious insights. Ecclesiastical typefaces and letter forms, for instance, are often Gothic in look. But there are numerous other options as Judeo-Christian typography is quite diverse. Whatever your spiritual creed and the typography you opt for, make sure your fonts are legible.

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