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Looking for music logo ideas? Try Izeelogo, the free online logo maker. Use our logo templates: design a logo for pop, metal, rock, rap, hip hop, punk, country, blues, jazz or classical music in clicks!

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Music circulation and career management today largely depend on the networks. Your fame and success as a music professional are determined by your presence, visibility and popularity online. Whether you’re doing metal, hard rock, punk, pop, country, soul, blues, jazz or classical music, your success is played on the net. That’s why having a strong brand identity is crucial for any musician or music company. Izeelogo, the online logo maker, is there for it. It offers you the opportunity to build a powerful visual identity that would help you get there. Thanks to its intuitive and fast logo maker, you can design your own music logo, in a few minutes, using templates created by professional graphic designers. We have an entire catalogue of original logo vectors meeting everybody’s tastes. Just pick your best music logo vector and customise it as you like. You can change anything in your design, from colour, to typography, to icon, size and positioning. When you’re done editing, download your logo in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS formats, perfect for use online and for printing on any material.

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Make a sublime professional music logo with Izeelogo, the online logo maker: create your own music logo in clicks!
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How to Make the Perfect DIY Music Logo Online?

Here are some guidelines to create the best possible music logo using an online logo generator. You should first choose a style, such as classic, symbolic, gothic, abstract or minimalist. For example, Metal and Hard Rock bands are quite fond of gothic logos while those doing rap or hip hop tend to prefer symbolic logos. The next thing is to think about a type of logo: would you like a lettermark, a logotype, an emblem, a pictogram, a mascot or a combination? While editing your logo, mind three aspects in particular: icon, colour and typography. Use an icon that corresponds to your genre and ideals as a musician, a music band, a singer or a music company. Music logos often draw on musical instruments and icons such as piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, trombone, bass, musical notes, and treble clef. About colours, music logos mostly use a dark colour palette where black & white, grey, and dark blue get the lion’s share. That said, other colours like blood red, gold and silver are sometimes preferred in categories like Rap, Rock and Hip Hop. Last but not least, mind typography: make sure your fonts are legible, and that your typeface fits the ideas and ideals of your music.

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