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With a remarkable boom in the construction industry in the last decades, and the advent of bio-architecture, solar construction, and natural lighting, the glass industry is living its golden age. It has become one of the most gainful businesses. That’s, however, far from enough for any enterprise to make it in this sector. No matter how important your capital, your means of production, your technical know-how and your human resources are, you cannot hope to succeed in business today without a working communication plan. As a graphic design agency, we’re aware of these facts. We’re also conscious that traditional graphic design is too costly. It’s beyond the reach of most start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises. Izeelogo is there to help artisans, small & medium companies, and freelancers to build their own brand identity, and make graphic design available to all. With our modern logo maker, anyone can create a logo easily, quickly and for next to nothing! Our logo creator can generate an awesome glass & aluminium logo in minutes from templates made by professional graphic designers. We have something for every taste. Just take a look at our logo catalog, pick a logo vector, customise it in clicks and download it! We provide original, elegant, and trendy logos in HD source files - PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS document formats ideal for use online and printing.

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Need a glass logo design? Use Izeelogo, our online logo creator for small & medium enterprise. Design your own glass & aluminium logo in a few clicks!
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How to Design the Ideal Glass Logo for your Business

Glass logos can be of many styles and types: simple, vintage, abstract, glyph, gradient, minimalist, line art, seal, cartoon, or neon. We advise you to first make your mind about the kind of logo you’d like to design. Once it’s done, it’s time to choose the glass logo template that takes your fancy from our catalogue. While editing, pay attention to 3 elements in particular: icon, colour and typography. Pick a relevant icon, one that's fitting for your exact activity. A glass sheet production company and a glass shop may need to use different icons. Similarly, a glazier artisan will use an icon that's different from one a glass & aluminium contractor may need to choose. Glass sheets, aluminium doors, glass windows, prisms, and abstract geometric shapes are popular icons in glass & aluminium logos. You may want to use some version of those icons. Alternatively, you can use a symbol that’s unique to you, like your company’s initial letters (lettermark or letterform) or name (wordmark). It’s highly recommended to use suitable colours, as well. Blue, the colour that symbolises glass and transparent materials, and grey, the colour of aluminium, are the dominant colours in glass logos. You can use these, or any colours able convey the message you want your logo to pass on to the audience. Keep it to one or two colours, however, so that your logo stays easy to recognize and memorise. If you use text, make sure you pick a suitable typeface. Use a legible font, and pick one which corresponds to your brand identity.

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