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Looking for geometric abstract logo ideas? Izeelogo, the custom logo generator is your best option. Design your own logo in a few clicks! Izeelogo let you set your imagination flying with original and creative logo templates of abstract geometric shapes. Our logo generator allows the creation of any kind of abstract geometric type of logos. It can generate 2D shape logos (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, rhombus, semi-circle, parallelogram, and trapezium), 3D shape logos (sphere, spiral, cuboid, cube, cone, cylinder and pyramid) an all sorts of abstract logos of irregular or organic forms (heart, cross, arrow …). Our logos have been created by professional graphic designers with a high quality. They’re cast in elegant and customizable abstract designs of high symbolic and suggestive potential. To create a logo, all you’ll have to do is browse our logo gallery, pick the logo template which takes your fancy, and customize it in a few clicks. We provide our logos as HD, PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS source document files perfect for use online as well as printing on any material (business cards, posters, flyers, T-shirts, hats, facemasks, etc.).

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Make an abstract geometric logo, with Izeelogo, the online logo creator. Use our logo templates to create your own brand logo in clicks!
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How to Create a Good Abstract Geometric Logo? Logo Design Tips

The geometric abstract logo is a great choice - in both marketing and aesthetic terms. Geometric forms are simple but beautiful and symbolically powerful. They fulfil the famous minimalist maxim “less is more.” Designing a geometric abstract logo with our online logo maker is easy. However, here are a few suggestions, just to make sure you’ll have the best possible creative experience. Once you pick your logo template, we’d recommend that you pay special attention to 3 aspects during edition, namely icon, color and typography. It’s important to choose the geometric shape that can aptly represent your company’s identity and philosophy. The triangle, for instance, is a very strong symbol. It stands for enlightenment, revelation, high insight, and evolution towards better states of being, among many other things. Other geometric forms, such as the circle, the pyramid, the square, the cross and the cylinder are equally meaningful. However, plain shapes like these are overused, and so it’d be suitable to add on an original touch if you opt for one of them. A good way to do that is color. Choosing the right colors is key. It’s a way not only to convey your ideas and emotions as a company but also to affirm your brand identity and make your logo original and unique. The same holds true for typography. Typeface is one more way to strengthen your brand’s DNA and give your logo an additional aesthetic and personal touch, provided you use a font that matches the identity of your enterprise.

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