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To be successful as a flooring specialist, you’ll have to cope with a growing competition online as well as on the real life marketplace. One of the ways to be competitive is to have a working logo that aptly stands for your brand identity and gives your potential clients the best chances to spot, recognize and memorize you on the different online platforms, social media, signage, and other marketing material. Izeelogo, the online logo maker lets you make the perfect flooring logo in a few clicks from predesigned templates made by professional graphic designers. Just browse our catalog of logo templates, find the one you like, customize it in a couple of clicks and immediately download your logo source files. We have something for everyone. Whether you’re a general flooring specialist or an expert in hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl / linoleum flooring, porcelain / ceramic tile flooring, natural stone tile flooring, or carpet installation and repair, you’ll find the logo design that perfectly matches your activity in our logo collection. Thanks to our ultra-modern and intuitive logo maker, anyone can make a logo easily, quickly and for a reasonable price! Our logos are original, elegant, and trendy. We offer them as HD - PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS source files perfect for use online as well as printing. Try it now! Get your logo in a few minutes!

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How to Design the Perfect Flooring Logo with a Logo Generator?

Making a Flooring logo with our logo maker is easy and fast. However, we’d suggest a few recommendations for a perfect result. First decide on the kind of logo you wish to create. Flooring logos can be of many styles and types: they can be simple, abstract, minimalist, vintage, amongst others. As they can be pictorial, lettermark, logotype, mascot or emblem. Once you make your mind on that, pick the flooring logo template that you like from our collection. Mind 3 elements while editing your template: icon, color and typography. Pick a pertinent icon - one that matches your exact business. The icons often used for flooring logos include abstract shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles. They stand for the materials used in flooring such as wood, vinyl, ceramic, natural stone, porcelain and marble. You may use one of those shapes or any other symbol that can aptly represent your brand. Think about using suitable colors too. In flooring logos, the recurrent colors are dark red, dark orange, brown and different shades of gray - the colors of the basic materials used in roofing. Or, use any colors that can convey the massage you’d like your logo to transmit. Keep it to one or two colors though, for your logo to be recognizable and memorable. Finally, if you intend to include some text, try to pick a suitable typeface. Use a font style that corresponds to your brand and stays legible under all circumstances.

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