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One of the oldest human crafts, and an essential industry, carpentry is a gainful business sector. However, modern business depends very much on communication. No matter your skills and know-how as a carpenter, a contractor, a timber company, or a wood processing company, your chances of success and your turnover will skyrocket with a sound marketing plan. Visual identity, in particular, is vital in our image-based digital world with its smartphones, social media and ecommerce. As a graphic design agency, we know these things pretty well. We also know that traditional graphic design is too costly and slow to work nowadays, especially for small and medium sized enterprises. For us, the solution for new companies is to build their own brand identity. Thanks to our logo generator, we make it possible for anyone to create a logo easily, quickly and for a small price. Our logo creator can generate an awesome carpenter logo in minutes, from templates made by professional graphic designers. We have models for all tastes, for carpentry artisans and contractors and for the wood industry. Just create an Izeelogo account, browse our logo catalog, pick a template, customize it in clicks, and download! We offer original, creative, beautiful and trendy logos in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, and EPS formats, ideal for use online and printing. Why wait! Create your logo now!

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Create a custom Carpenter Logo in 5 minutes using Izeelogo, the online professional logo maker. Make a modern, recognizable and memorable logo design today, in just a couple of clicks !
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How to Design a Good Carpenter Logo with a Logo Creator?

To design a perfect carpenter logo with our logo maker, first think of a style (e.g. vintage, abstract, simple, luxury, minimalist, line art, eco-friendly etc.). You also need to decide if you’d like a pictorial logo, a lettermark, a logotype, a mascot, an emblem or a combination. The next thing is to pick a logo template and start editing. Choose a pertinent icon. You can go for a usual carpentry symbol, such as circular saws, grinders, drills, block plane, nail punch set, utility knife, table saw, bubble levels, or any tool of the carpenter kit. But you can choose a personal symbol for an original and unique result. You should also use suitable colors. Black and white get the lion’s share in carpenter logos, as in other construction industries, surely because these colors convey a sense of earnestness, genuineness and trust, essential in this industry. But if you see any good reason to use a different color palette, don’t hesitate! The only thing is to keep your logo recognizable and easy to remember. Last but not least, use a suitable text-style if you’re planning to include some text. Bear in mind that font styles have meanings, and so make sure you pick the right one. Choose a serious and clean typeface to convey the sense of seriousness that’s expected from you. Why not use Helvetica, Garamond, Gill Sans, Baskerville, Gotham, or Montserrat for that. These fonts are also best able to keep your text legible when you use your logo on your business cards, websites and social media profiles.

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Why wait? Make a free Carpenter Logo online now, in just a few clicks. Thanks to our logo maker, logo design is accessible to small and medium-sized companies. Try it; it’s fast, free & fun !

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Why wait! Create a wonderful carpenter logo now! Design an awesome logo in minutes! We’ve no hidden costs: pay only if you buy a logo. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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