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In the fashion & beauty, wellness, esthetics, beauty supply and cosmetics industry, making a fresh, well done logo design is a great idea. Have a look at our sublime logo vectors for some inspiration.

Beauty and Wellness Logo Design with Izeelogo, Free Logo Maker Online

When it comes to business activities like fashion and beauty and the cosmetics and wellness industry, competition is extremely rude. Thus, if you’re making beauty products or running a beauty or nail salon or a cosmetics, makeup, aesthetics, barber shop / hairdressing and relaxation business, it’s simply vital that you make a recognizable – unused – logo. That’s crucial to face competition and build a strong brand identity. If you own a business such as a beauty salon, hairstyling salon, nail salon, beauty institute, or wellness /massage therapy center, and you’re looking for some graphic design ideas, Izeelogo can help. As a graphic design agency, we have a whole catalog of free new and totally customizable logo vectors available online. They can be turned into super logos in a few clicks thanks to an ultra-modern logo maker. All you’ll need to do is to select your business category, choose your best beauty or cosmetics logo template and start creating right away. You can add your slogan or tagline and customize unlimitedly any elements or sub-elements of your logo, from color, to font, size and positioning. Those logo vectors are created by professional artist; they are unused, trendy and hyper stylish. In a couple of clicks, you’ll turn them into your own extra and rare logo design.

How to Make Beauty, Wellness and Cosmetics Logo Design?| Izeelogo

With Izeelogo, the free online logo maker, you can create a super beauty, wellness and cosmetics business logo design in 5 minutes. Try it- It is easy, fun and free.
Beauty & Wellness logo: mockup for a hairstyle logo for ladies hairdresser salon.

Beauty and Cosmetics Logo Design: Make a Super Extra Logo

How to make a super extra beauty logo design? Start your logo design by choosing your favorite vector on our logo creator. Since you’re dealing with beauty and wellness, you may want to opt for an element that evokes nature, such as a flower, leaf, moon, star, wave, stone, tree or water drop as a main body of your logo. You may then want to combine that with an icon that stands for your specific business activity such as human hair, a beard, a mustache, the silhouette of a woman, a female face shape, lips, fingernail, hand, lipstick, hair dryer, scissors or any symbol that takes your fancy and think fit. Try not to make your logo too complex though. Do your best to make a logo that’s super and sublime but at the same time true, simple and clean-cut. That’ll make it recognizable and memorable. It’s also important to choose the right font for your logo. As the great graphic designer, Dylan Todd, put it, “typography is the visual art of words.” Keep in mind your brand identity, readability and aesthetics as you chose a font for your logo design. For example, Serif fonts have a line appended to each end of letter, which for many evokes a sense of strong identity, professional rigor, knowledge and trust. By contrast, the Sans Serif fonts (which don’t include such extensions) are usually seen as informal, “cool” and modern. Also, the fonts in the Scripts family imitate handwriting. Having them in your logo will convey an elegant, creative and rather feminine message. Avoid putting text in all caps as that’ll be illegible and sound aggressive. Finally, pay attention to colors. The different colors symbolize different emotions, moods and ideas. Choose the once standing for just the message you’d like your beauty logo to convey. For example, the yellow color stands for light, happiness, liveliness and sometimes jealousy and is likely to provoke in the viewer a sensation of freshness. In turn, the pink color is often linked with tenderness, gentleness, joy, seduction and the female gender. As a rule, it’s not recommendable to use too many colors in a logo as that may be confusing. Remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that “less is more” as minimalist artist, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, used to say.

Beauty and Esthetics Logo Design Inspiration : Categories and Examples

Running a beauty institute or salon? Launched a wellness business or a cosmetics activity? Take a tour of our free logo vector examples, find inspiration and create a super logo design for your brand.

Nail salon logo design. Sample nail technician / artist logo design vector for edition.
Beauty salon logo design: ladies hairdresser logo featuring hair and scissors.
Free beauty logo design: salon de beauty logo with cute female eye and sexy eyebrow and eyelashes.
Hair salon logo design: vector featuring woman’s face, hair, hand and sexy colored nails.
Barber shop logo design: hairdresser vector featuring man’s face, hair, beard and scissors.
Beauty and wellness logo design: modern cosmetics logo vector in shades of pink.
Beauty and wellness logo design: super makeup logo vector featuring a female hand and a flower
Beauty health & Wellness, SPA, massage logo design featuring woman's silhouette and flower.
Health, wellness and massage therapy: green logo design with green body shape and massage stones
Beauty & wellness logo featuring a circle with the figure of a woman with butterflies in the hair
Beauty makeup logo design: elegant makeup vector with sublime lipstick icon
Wellness and beauty logo design art: logo vector featuring a female body line with a plant and arms.

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Beauty, Wellness and Cosmetic Industry Logo Design Subcategories

Want to see more of our free beauty, makeup and wellness logo samples? Check out these additional logo design examples. With Izeelogo, logo design is fast, super practical and fun.