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If you’re doing a creative activity such as painting, theatre, sculpture, literature, music, dance, or electronic arts for business purposes and looking for an easy way to design a logo, you’ve come to the right place. Izeelogo is a graphic design platform that allows enterprises to create their own logos from predesigned templates. We offer quality, yet quick and affordable, graphic design solutions for businesses on a budget. Besides saving your time, using Izeelogo makes you save your money too. Thanks to our intuitive logo creator, you can make a logo in minutes. We have a whole library of original logo templates where there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re an artist, an illustrator, a photographer, an animator, a curator, a printmaker or an art school you’ll easily find in our catalogue the logo design that’s ideal for your enterprise. Pick your best design and customise it. You can change any aspect of your design, including colour, typography, size, and positioning. A few minutes suffice to create a unique logo for any branch of the art and entertainment industry. Once you’re done editing, download your source files in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, or EPS formats, perfect for use online and printing, with no resizing issues or any loss of resolution.

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Create a sublime art and entertainment logo with Izeelogo, our online logo creator. Make your own logo online in clicks!
Brand identity: art and entertainment logo design mockup made by Izeelogo.

How to Make the Perfect Art and Entertainment Logo Online?

To design the ideal art and entertainment logo, the first thing to do is to make your mind on a style (classic, symbolic, abstract, or minimalist). Second, what type of logo would you like to create? Is it an emblem logo, a pictorial logo, a logotype, a lettermark logo, a mascot logo, or a combination logo? Once you decide on these things you can start creating your logo. Three elements really matter here: icon, colour and typography. Concerning icons, make sure to pick one that matches your identity and aims as an art and entertainment company. Why not use an icon evoking a central figure, a character or a theme from your favourite masterpiece which can symbolise your brand identity. It’s equally important to draw on the right colours. As for icons, your choice of colours should depend on who you are as a business and on the ideas and emotions you want your logo to convey. For instance, red has to do with love, passion, sacrifice and erudition. Blue is generally seen as masculine colour evoking calm and serenity. Yellow normally stands for friendliness, white for light and peace, black for darkness and luxury, and pink for women and feminine values. Finally, mind typography if you’re using some. For one thing, make sure the letters or fonts are legible. For another thing, use a font that’s fitting for your ideas and personality as an art or entertainment enterprise, since as is the case with icons and colours, font styles are meaningful.

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