When talking about any logo design, the first thing that comes to our minds is its different details and elements like : the emblem, the chosen symbol, the colors and the typography.

Considered as an essential component of any visual identity, typography has a significant impact on your logo design, as it reveals a lot about a company's identity. It is more than just a text or a word, it’s one of the basic parts of any graphic design. That’s why any persons who are willing to build an outstanding visual identity, need to further enhance their knowledge about the art of typography.

Choosing the right typeface for your brand identity is crucial, at the same time, it is not as easy as it seems. It requires a significant time and effort to achieve successful outcomes.

What is Typography ?

We are continuously assimilating words, whether it is on printed or digital materials like books, business cards or even websites and logo designs. Fonts and typeface may be seen everywhere, from instruction manuals to storefronts.

What exactly is typography? Typography, in its most basic form, is the practice of organizing letters and words in such a way that makes the text readable, clear, and aesthetically attractive.

Typography is the use of different types of fonts, looks, and structures to evoke various emotions and deliver certain meanings. In other words, typography is what makes the words come to life.

Typography Logo: The Message Behind it !

Typography is a combination between design skills and some psychological techniques, we are going to discover together the most important factors that will guide you in the development of your logo identity .

So basically, using some brain tricks and some design fundamentals will help you in reaching your target customers and communicating your message more effectively. Let’s get started:

Fonts Types

What you need to understand about fonts is that each type has its own language and personality, beyond the words on your logo design, fonts have so much to say about your brand spirit.

First of all, let's look at some of the most common types of font styles and their functioning :

Because of their classic look, serif fonts are a good choice for a more classic and traditional design, in contrast sans serif fonts are often used for more clean and modern designs, when it comes to display fonts it’s more about decorative purposes. However, script fonts are designed to look more like handwriting. 

They may appear to be modern, classic, funny, trendy, cozy and much more, each font type has a large selection of choices, just call on your creativity and create the perfect typography for your design.

The psychology and the emotions that each font type evokes.
The psychology behind each font type


Styling Choices

After choosing the fonts you are going to use, comes the combination phase, it is better to limit yourself to one or two types of fonts per design. For more contrast repeat the use of one of your fonts in a different shape, size, style or weight, this intriguing assemblage work like magic every time.

Don’t be afraid t to mix and match two contrasting styles that are complementary.

Challenge yourself and don't be afraid to mix and match two contrasting styles that are complementary: sans serif fonts with serif fonts, tall with short, simple with decorative, regular with italic or all-caps with lowercase. For example: using two different fonts for your company name and slogan. Get inspired from other designs and you will soon get the hang of it.

Typographical Terms

There is a large range of typographical functions and basics. Below, we are going to mention those which would help you make legibility a top priority when choosing a design typography.

  • First, leading, known as line spacing or the space between the lines of a text. The point is to make your text or words as readable as possible, too much or too little spacing can make your design look cluttered.
  • Secondly, tracking, also called character spacing or the overall spacing of words or lines of a text. When used correctly it can totally change the appearance and feeling of a word or a line, it may also help in the correction of improperly spaced fonts.
  • Last but not least, kerning. Kerning is the space between certain characters. It is a method of modifying the distance between one individual letter or character to the next one.
Some essential typographical features that will help you choosing your logo typography
Source : Typographical terms

Colors Combination

The combination of colors is a very important factor, it ensures an efficient readability. Create a contrast between the words of your logo and it background. For instance putting a light-colored text on a light background will make your logo very hard to read, on the other hand, you can use a dark colored text on a white background or vice versa.

Furthermore, don’t forget that every color has its own meaning and symbolism, so as we have said earlier it’s all about the message and the feeling you want to transmit to your target public.

The importance colors combination to ensure an efficient readability

Typography Inspiration from Famous Logo Designs

In this section, we have gathered for you some of the most famous logo designs that has assembled the perfect combination of fonts and colors, and where typography had made a big impact, to get some design inspiration.

1. Adobe

The combination of red, white, and black represents the company's progressive approach and energy. When it comes to fonts it’s more of a clean and minimalist style, the font used to this version was «Adobe clean» a sans-serif font. As a result we have a white signature «A» positioned into a red square, while the «Adobe» word in black is located under the emblem.

Get your inspiration from the Adobe logo
The Adobe logo



The most popular colors combination of black and wight was the choice of the luxury Italian fashion house GUCCI, but the official logo of the brand is designed in monochrome so that it can fit on all of its different products, to add some kind of sophistication to their design they opted for a smooth and elegant serif font reflecting the brand image.


Get your inspiration from the GUCCI logo
The Gucci logo

3. Coca-Cola

The coca cola’s logo evaluated through the years as a typographic logo, it consists from text elements only, and designed to look more like handwriting. Black, red and wight, those colors express optimism, youth, excellence and purity which are the main values of the brand.

Get your inspiration from the Coca Cola logo
The Coca Cola logo

4. Walt Disney 

The Walt Disney logo is an illustration for display fonts, the point here is to express decorative, friendly and amusing thoughts. Walt Disney has a rich history when it comes to colors. It represents all of the exciting fairy-tales and fantasy movies that the company has produced throughout the years.

 Get your inspiration from the Walt Disney logo
The Walt Disney logo


5. FedEx

Once again typography has played a key role in design creating. 'Clever' is the first thought that comes to mind when you notice the hidden arrow created by the negative space between the «E» and the «x». A simple logo with a big influence, using a two fonts mixture Futura Bold and Univers 67, in addition of a two color combination for each department of the company.

Get your inspiration from the FedEx logo
The FedEx logo



Opposite attract, that’s the principal tip for a successful typography, it’s the art of combination between wording and color contrasting, just be sure to make the right choices when it comes to your logo design.

At the end of the day, typography has a huge impact on your logo spirit and personality, so don't underestimate the importance of improving its aesthetic appeal, and make sure that each element is arranged correctly.

When creating a brand identity, it is particularly important to understand typography, so bring out your design skills and stand out from the crowd.

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