Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn are excellent ways to create web traffic, just like SEO, SEA, e-mailing, SMS marketing and branded traffic. As a business, your presence on social media should be part of your branding strategy. Running professional pages and / or business profiles on social media has become essential for any brand or business. Sometimes social media generate more traffic than websites, since they’re ideal places for exchange, sharing and other activities that allow interaction with Internet users.

Except for Twitter, most social media are based on visual content such as images, animations, videos and live streaming. They accordingly have great capacity to capture interest and attention. That’s especially the case of Instagram. To be sure, making an attractive and memorable logo for Instagram will help polish your brand image and boost your branding online.

If you have no graphic design skills or experience or you can't afford to hire a graphic designer, there’s a solution for you. This article will show you how to create a free logo design online in a few minutes, using Izeelogo, the online logo maker.

Why Use Instagram for Branding and Business? 

Instagram is the fifth most used social media after Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Messenger. It was launched on October 6, 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In 2011, Apple named it 'App of the Year.' The next year, Facebook bought it for some $ 1 billion. 

Today, Instagram has become part of people’s daily routine used by millions of people every day. The app is mainly used to keep up with current trends in topics as varied as beauty, fashion, wellness, cooking, sports, travel, education and many more. The Instagram platform is built around the image. It allows sharing photos and videos publicly or in private.

Instagram has remarkably grown in recent years, and so many businesses have turned to the platform to promote their products and services. As a contemporary business professional, one of your main missions is to build a strong brand image online in order to attract potential consumers convert them into loyal clients. That’s why social media are absolutely vital.

To be more precise, here are some of the latest Instagram figures for you:

  • Instagram is part of a very tight circle of social media whose public exceeds 1.22 billion active users every month (Source: Facebook for Business).
  • Over 500 million Instagram accounts are active every day (Source: Facebook for Business).
  • 4.2 billion “like” reactions are receded every day on Instagram (Source: BDM).
  • More than 100 million photos and videos are published daily on Instagram (Source: BDM).
  • Instagram users spend in average 30 minutes on the platform every day (Source: BDM).
  • 63% of Instagram users log in to their account at least once a day. 42% even do it several times a day (Source: Pew Research Center).
  • The interaction rate on Instagram is 4 times higher than on Facebook (Source: Oberlo).
  • Instagram is the 5th most visited website in the world (Source: similarweb).
  • Instagram is the 10th most popular search keyword on Google (Source: Hootsuite).
  • 50% of users become more interested in a brand when they see their ads on Instagram (Source: Instagram for Business).
  • Instagram hosts more than 25 million professional profiles around the world (Source: BDM).
  • Over 2 million advertisers worldwide advertise on Instagram (Source: Facebook for Business).
  • 38% of marketers use Instagram regularly to advertise (Source: Social Media Examiner).
  • Instagram is over 200 million business accounts consulted every day by Internet users (Source: Instagram for Business);
  • 90% of active accounts on Instagram follow a business or brand (Source: Facebook for Business).
  • One third of the most viewed stories are published by businesses (Source: Instagram for Business).

So if you’re still not on Instagram, it’s really high time you take the move. 

A good Instagram marketing strategy should be structured around three axes:

  • Make the most of the preferred topics of the platform’s users to create affective links between them and your brand. Share useful and visually appealing content.
  • Be creative. Use visual content that prompts action. Share your contents tacitly. Pay attention to graphic charter, publication scheduling (publication pace and timing).
  • Encourage users to interact with your publications to increase your chances to retain them. Many internet users connect to Instagram to forge special links with some brands. Don’t hesitate to use interactive stickers in your stories and individualized DM conversation (direct messaging).

Create Your Instagram Logo in Four Easy Steps

Before you start promoting your Instagram profile, get prepared by polishing your profile’s appearance to make it attractive and competitive. A beautiful, well-garnished and regularly updated profile will make your brand visible and credible.

  • Choose a name for your profile. Normally, it should be your brand name.
  • Write a “bio,” a description of your activity including your email, website link and postal address. Add a tagline to give more value to your brand image.
  • Add a profile picture with logo. Your logo is your first contact with your customers, which is why it’s vital to make a professional logo design before branding online.
Example of Instagram Profile : Mercedes-Benz
Example of Instagram Profile : Mercedes-Benz

Enter Your Instagram Business Profile Name

Begin your logo design by typing your company name in the relevant field on our home page, then click 'Start'. You’ll then be immediately directed to our logo template catalogue. To sharpen your search and have access to the set of logo vectors that best suit your brand or business, select your business category from a list. Our logo designs cover all types of brands and businesses.

Make a Unique Instagram Business Profile
Make a Unique Instagram Business Profile 

Choose an Instagram Logo Template

Find inspiration by browsing our catalog of logo templates. You’ll find there hundreds of models designed by professional graphic designers. Izeelogo will provide some of the best possible logo ideas that’ll make you create a cute, aesthetic and unique logo for your Instagram profile. Access to our catalog of logos is completely free. Once you choose your best logo, personalise it it to get a unique custom Instagram logo design.

Visit our Instagram Logo Template Catalog
Visit our Instagram Logo Template Catalog  

Customize Your Instagram Logo

Your Instagram logo should be aesthetic and unique to reflect your brand image best. Our logo templates are fully customizable. The Izeelogo logo maker features a variety of color palettes (color codes and gradients), typographies (creative, business, rounded, bold, and many more) and a multitude of graphic shapes (badges, banners, decorations, frames, icons, lines, among others). 

You can try out the different functionalities of the logo design generator until you get an optimal result. Each step of the design process offers you wide possibilities for customization. The logo design possibilities offered by our logo creator are simply endless. So just set your imagination free and create something that you'll be happy to share with your target audience.

Example of Instagram Logo Created with Izeelogo
Example of Instagram Logo Created by Izeelogo

Upload Your Custom Instagram Logo

Once your logo design is complete, you may like to choose our Premium Offer to benefit from the 'social media formats' option, and pay only when you’re satisfied. You’ll get a beautiful yet cheap logo. You’ll receive quality, high definition source files of your logo in PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG and EPS formats. Your logo is now ready. It is suitable for all print media (business card, poster, flyer, etc.) as well as Web media (website and social media).

With our logo design maker, you can create an Instagram logo that really represents your brand, a logo that you can proudly use for Instagram and other social media branding (you can also use it as tiktok logo, facebook logo, amazon or youtube logo).

Your Logo Source Files
Your Logo Source Files

How to Use Your Logo as Instagram Profile Picture?

On Instagram there’s one place for adding your logo. It's at the profile picture level. The fittest way to add a logo to your Instagram business profile is to have an original square version of your logo. The optimum size is 180 x 180 pixels, and the minimum required is 150 x 150 pixels. Make sure your logo for Instagram is simple, clear, and easily understandable when viewed on a smartphone; it’s where most Internet users will see your profile.

Here’s how to optimize you profile picture:

  • The logo should be large enough to be readable, with space all around for a clean look.
  • Your logo should have a solid background to avoid distractions.
  • If your logo is too long, use your favicon.

To add or edit your profile picture on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Click 'Edit profile' at the bottom left of your mobile screen.
  • Click 'Change profile picture.' A list will show with the options: “New photo,” “Import from Facebook,” and “Delete profile photo.”
  • Select the right option.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking 'Save.'
The Izeelogo Platform Instagram Profile
The Izeelogo Platform Instagram Profile

If you intend to use your logo on other social media, it’s important to use the right logo size. Different Social media platforms require different image formats or dimensions. Using Izeelogo, the online logo generator, is a great opportunity to save time and money. We offer a complete social media kit in all formats, including for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our online logo maker allows you to easily create just the right profile logo-picture for Instagram and ALL other social media.

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